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MJF Miami Poster by JR

Contemporary art legend JR unveils the poster for the inaugural edition of Montreux Jazz Festival Miami

The poster is based on his ‘The Chronicles of Miami’ artwork. ‘The Chronicles of Miami’ is the breathtaking result of JR’s journey through ten of Miami’s historic neighborhoods in November 2022, ultimately creating a work of art that captures over 1,000 residents and visitors of Miami. The murals are hosted in two separate locations in Miami, covering giant wallscapes. For the Montreux Jazz Festival Miami edition, the poster incorporates a selected portion of ‘The Chronicles of Miami,’ which features musicians, dancers, and over 100 additional Miami residents.

JR’s connection to Montreux Jazz Festival dates back several years when he was commissioned to design the poster for the 2020 Festival, cancelled due to the global pandemic. “I am thrilled to finally join the storied list of artists who designed the official poster for Montreux Jazz Festival, and even more so for the inaugural Miami edition,” said JR. “Just as the festival has expanded to include all genres of music and feature a diverse range of talent, the Chronicle sSeries mirrors that same energy with its inclusive and expressive collaging of the hundreds of the Miami subjects who participated.”

“We are deeply impressed by JR’s storytelling through his art and are honored to have collaborated with him for this poster,” shares Mathieu Jaton, CEO of Montreux Jazz Festival.